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Hello everyone,

I present an app that might help a lot of developers, this app is called Graphical Factory, after much research I realized that finding graphic resources (or even a graphic designer) was a true galley, finding nothing, I decided to develop software is to help people like me who do not have a particular aptitude for graphic design.

Graphical Factory was born of this reflection, it can do pretty near anything fully editable by parts assembling .

Sprites, sceneries, items, logos, character, weapons, background etc etc ...

Youtube.com Graphical Factory

Although it is not intended to, it is also possible, with a little patience, do animation.
It is also possible thanks to its Pixelator module make a retro effect to your creations.

No need to be an artist to use Graphical-Factory, just a few minutes to create graphics to include in your projects, sprites, backgrounds, interfaces, logos, icons, and other Items.

With a lot of library elements (Royalty Free) and multiple visual effects, you make unique images, the only limit is your imagination.

GF Generates bmp & png compatible with major parties of game engines: Construct, game maker, Fusion, Gdevelop etc etc ...

Future libraries will be on http://team70s.free.fr

Graphical-Factory builds graphics, from parts

Compatible with the traditional image formats, you can also create your libraries.

Graphical Factory DEMO

Games resources builder

More information

Published Jul 30, 2015
Tags2D, builder, design, graphics, maker, sprites, tools

Install instructions

Quick Launch

Unpack the archive to the desktop.

Open the folder, and click Graphical-Factory.

The software starts, title screen, a click.


G.Factory Demo.rar 8 MB